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[K, Arugula, Wild, Leaves, 125g] Wild Arugula Mishkat Farms
Wild Arugula
10 00
[K, Basil, Italian , Leaves, 50g] Italian Basil Mishkat Farms
Italian Basil
7 00
[K, Kale, Baby Mix, Leaves, 125g] Baby Kale Mix Mishkat Farms
Baby Kale Mix
18 00
[K, Kale, Curly, Baby, Leaves, 125g] Baby Curly Kale Mishkat Farms
Baby Curly Kale
18 00
[K, Kale, Dino, Baby, Leaves, 125g] Baby Dino Kale Mishkat Farms
Baby Dino Kale
18 00
[K, Lettuce, Boston, 125g] Boston Mishkat Farms
12 50
[K, Lettuce, Frisee, 200g] Frisee Mishkat Farms
16 00
[K, Lettuce, Lollo Bionda, 125g] Lollo Bionda Mishkat Farms
Lollo Bionda
16 00
[K, Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, 125g] Lollo Rosso Mishkat Farms
Lollo Rosso
16 00
[K, Lettuce, Oakleaf, Red, 125g] Red Oakleaf Mishkat Farms
Red Oakleaf
16 00
[K, Lettuce, Romaine, Red, 200g] Red Romaine Mishkat Farms
Red Romaine
12 00
[K, Mix, Lettuce, 125g] Lettuce Mix Mishkat Farms
Lettuce Mix
15 00
[K, Mix, Spring Leaves , 125g] Spring Leaves Mishkat Farms
Spring Leaves
15 00
[K, Tomato, Cherry, 250g] Cherry Tomatoes Mishkat Farms
Cherry Tomatoes
12 50
[K, Tomato, Cherry, Yellow, 250g] Yellow Cherry Tomatoes Mishkat Farms
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
15 00
[K, Tomato, Grape, 250g] Grape Tomatoes Mishkat Farms
Grape Tomatoes
12 50
[K, Tomato, Mixed Cherry, 250g] Mixed Cherry Tomatoes Mishkat Farms
Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
12 50

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